The photos in this section highlight various well-known buildings and landmarks in Central New York.


When someone says he or she is from New York, what do you think about? Probably skyscrapers and a subway system, right? In Central New York, specifically the Mohawk Valley, there is a more rural landscape. Zach Lewis Photography brings you breathtaking photos capturing the beauty of the area.

Still Life

Still-life photography gives a photographer endless creativity and an abundance of ideas. Because a photographer can bring objects into a studio, the outdoor elements are no longer an issue. Zach Lewis utilizes this endless creativity, adding his unique perspective. Flowers have been a main focus in Lewis’s still-life work.


Here are a few portraits taken over the years by Zach Lewis. He uses little to no post-production when creating his photos, and that in-camera technique can be seen in his portrait work. 


Looking closely at shapes, textures and patterns in the world around him is what led Lewis to a venture in abstract photography. The reason Lewis finds abstract photography appealing is because of its ability to take you to a different place. Guessing and wondering what a photograph could mean—how it is interpreted—is what draws Lewis to this unique area of photography.