Zach Lewis is an educator, writer and photographer from Clinton, New York. Art, specifically photography, has always been central in his life. He has strong ties to the Mohawk Valley, and he captures the beauty of the area through the lens of his camera. He focuses on local landscapes and abstract photography.

Artist Statement:

When I first picked up my camera, I set out to photograph those moments in life that everyone tries to capture. As my camera quickly became a part of me, I began to realize the beauty of the local area. Local landscape photography has been my main focus. I set out to put that everyday building you see on the way to work in a different perspective, letting it tell its own story. 

Looking closely at shapes, textures and patterns in the world around me led to my venture in abstract photography. I find abstract photography appealing because of its ability to take you to a different place. Guessing and wondering what a photograph could mean—how it is interpreted—is what draws me to this unique area of photography. 

Zach Lewis